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Entry #3

Nin10d'oh to the 64th Power

2010-12-31 14:14:38 by Sprite37

Thanks for the compliments and critiques guys, glad a lot of you enjoyed the collab, it was pretty grueling on a lot of us due to a lot of pressing reallife issues but we hope the end result left some of you with a good feeling and at least entertained your eyes. The people that were happy about the Mischief Makers segment, thank you, I really had more planned out for it but due to time and file size constraints it just wouldn't allow us to go further then I would've liked, that and the character designs were extremely hard to come by for Mischief Makers. Either way, thank all, next time I hope to do more on the next one.

Also, a lot of people have been asking about what the name of the song at the ending is, here it is there's even a download link.


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2011-11-14 10:31:03

congrats on the contribution for the Street Fighter flash collab was funny xD