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Nin10d'oh to the 64th Power

2010-12-31 14:14:38 by Sprite37

Thanks for the compliments and critiques guys, glad a lot of you enjoyed the collab, it was pretty grueling on a lot of us due to a lot of pressing reallife issues but we hope the end result left some of you with a good feeling and at least entertained your eyes. The people that were happy about the Mischief Makers segment, thank you, I really had more planned out for it but due to time and file size constraints it just wouldn't allow us to go further then I would've liked, that and the character designs were extremely hard to come by for Mischief Makers. Either way, thank all, next time I hope to do more on the next one.

Also, a lot of people have been asking about what the name of the song at the ending is, here it is there's even a download link.

Street Fighter Collab and Commissions

2009-05-19 21:38:59 by Sprite37

If ya haven't seen it yet, go see it now! Clicky

Kirbopher and Psyguy did the voices. I attempted to voice Bison on my horrible laptop mic so yeah...

I thought it was pretty cool being apart of another collab. And being alongside my buds Nalem and Ego

Hope ya guys enjoy it.

Also, I'm taking commissions. Drawn because I don't have time to animate. Go to my Deviantart Account to see just what I draw. I'm currently trying to raise money to go to San Diego Comic Con this year, so it would be stellar if you guys wanna commission me, I'll do just about anything commission based so don't be shy.

EDIT: So I've been looking through the comments of the collab and some of them seem to be mostly kids freaking out or quoting some of the dialogue XD

Also some people seem to be a tad confused about my skit with the obscure characters at the end, the ending was more of an advert (of sorts) for my friends at who helped me out during some financial situations as well as the voice work for the previous flash that was originally intended to be submitted but got corrupted, it was more of a thank you to them rather than an obscure reference, nothing more.

Street Fighter Collab and Commissions

Street Fighter Collab and Darkstalkers Tribute book

2009-02-09 05:02:03 by Sprite37

Okay, so the deadline for the Street Fighter collab is this Tuesday, be sure everyone gets their's in on time. I had fun doing mine, while I'm not sure mine'll make it I'm hoping, a lot of good friends helped me out with this one, especially since I had to redo the entire animation since the last one was deleted for reasons I won't go into.

Also, Capcom's UdonCrew is conducting a contest for Darkstalkers drawing submissions. It seems Capcom's really giving their fans a little more than we really want, what an awesome company. To those that get SFIV, have fun... I need to scrounge the money to get a copy :U

First Post and I'm off to sleep.

Just heard that the deadline's been extended, that's cool and all but goddammit... I stressed out for nothing...